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The ECOTOP is a revolutionary patented product which enables you to turn your favorite mug into a travel mug. We have designed our travel top for those of you who are 'on the move'. It has been designed to reduce spills in the most unstable of circumstances and, once closed, can be carried at virtually any angle. An 'ecotopped mug' may also meet the requirements of the new open container laws.  Fits most 3" diameter containers. Simply place your new ecotop on your  existing container and take it “to go”!

yellow ecotop on mugecotop in Popular Science 

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Today's Specials

Clear Plastic Tumbler
Price: ask for one free tumbler with every 8 ecotops ordered
Clear Plastic Tumbler
Clear Plastic Tumbler- not for sale- This is a great cold drink tumbler, but it does not withstand hot water washing, it can warp a bit, so we cannot sell it, but we will give one free for every 8 Ecotops ordered, while supplies last. Request in comments.
Ecotop - Four Pack - AS SEEN ON TV!!
Price: $24.00
Ecotop - Four Pack - AS SEEN ON TV!!
Four Pack Ecotop

Now your custom pottery mug can be your travel mug!