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Dear friends!  I am dismayed to tell you that your orders
have outpaced my material suppliers!  I deeply apologize.
I expect to have plenty of product by early January.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all
Thank you,   Doug Palmer

The ECOTOP is a revolutionary patented product which enables you to turn your favorite mug into a travel mug. We have designed our travel
 top for those of you who are 'on the move'. It has been designed to reduce spills in the most unstable circumstances and, once closed, can be carried at virtually any angle. An 'ecotopped mug' may also meet the requirements of the new open container laws.  Fits most 3" diameter containers. Simply place your new ecotop on your  existing container and take it “to go”!

Click on the above photo to view our infomercial
(on our facebook page)...  thanks !

yellow ecotop on mugecotop in Popular Science 

FreshCup magazine ad - see us in the Nov 2013 issue!
Click above link to see an article on lids from 
FreshCup Magazine...

Now your custom pottery mug can be your travel mug!